I’ve seen Anali over the past 10 years or so for pretty much any health issue I’ve encountered. I had been to Anali prior for digestion issues, depression and migraines, all of which she helped alleviate along with western medicine (finding a doctor in eastern medicine who is willing to work in tandem with western medicine without judgement is hard to find). My main struggle, however, was with balancing hormones. I started going to her in helps of regulating them for fertility purposes, after a year of trying to conceive without success. Originally it was just to help deal with the horrendous side effects of IVF treatments, but after several treatments with immediate relief– Anali asked if I would give her 3 months to get me pregnant. After trying for an entire year, I was more than ready for a break from all the fertility meds and stress– so I happily agreed, skeptical but open for anything. After all, I had already done everything the western doctors had advised. Her plan was to first regulate my hormones and get an actual period. And once that was balanced and established, we would have a cycle to track and be able to conceive easier that way. I had never had a period “on my own” and always needed help from medication to get a period and I was 25 at the time– but figured her way made sense. I took herbs along with weekly acupuncture sessions. About 2.5 months of this Anali was convinced she succeeded in getting me to ovulate. She said I should expect my period in the next week or so, gave me herbs for my typical period discomforts– and I would be back once I got my period. Except my period didn’t come. At the same time, I got a call from reproductive endocrinologist office saying they finally (after a year wait) had an opening and it was the next day. So I went to the doctors appointment where they took blood to get a baseline and discussed my options. After everything I had been through and given the fact that I was 25, the doctor felt it would be best to just start with the fullest IVF treatment called ICSI — it was the most successful option for the severity of my PCOS and provided my bloodwork came back ok we would start the next week. The next day, I got a call back saying my progesterone was a 15 and that after my period (that thing I never got) they would start me on the fertility meds for egg retrieval. My whole life, unless orally taking progesterone, it has been a 0. So I asked the nurse when I should expect the period. She said anytime from now until 2 weeks. At this point it had almost been 2 weeks since Anali had told me I ovulated so something didn’t seem right. My gut told me just to buy a pregnancy test for piece of mind. When the test was positive I was so happy- and it was all because of Anali– I never did get a period but it was because I got pregnant. For the first time in my life, my body worked and it was because of her. I had a textbook pregnancy without any complications and delivered a healthy active baby boy. Two years later, I wanted to have another baby- and I didn’t bother going to anybody other than Anali, and within 3 months I was pregnant again! She’s helped me with all of my fertility issues- and the side effects that come with it. Along with my back and neck problems – there is really nothing I don’t consult her for. I recommend her to anyone for anything without reservation- but specifically people who aren’t finding cures or relief in Western medicine. Anali is truly talented and her holistic approach in tandem with Western medicine makes her that much more approachable and helpful. F.S.

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