Chest Pain & Stress

My family’s acupuncture journey began 15 years ago. I was having bad chest pains and a lot of stress at work. I went to a Cardiologist and they did the stress test and said everything was fine and healthy. However, I knew that something was not right and decided to try a natural approach. Dr. Garcia is such a gifted Intuitive and Acupuncturist! She is so kind and gentle and has healed me in many ways from the chest pains, to my menopause and keeping my body in balance. She has recommendations on food and balanced nutrition as well. I tend to overdo most everything in my life at a hectic pace and she always gets me back on track. She has also been treating my children since my son was 13 and my daughter was 8 years old. Dr. Garcia is always respectful of our time, with almost no wait time, which is monumental in this fast paced society of ours. She is such a blessing in our lives and I give her my highest recommendation.

Debbie C
South Florida

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