TCM and Seasonal Affective Disorder

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD, is a form of depression that affects people all throughout the world. Most commonly experienced during fall and winter months, the symptoms of SAD include depression, hypersomnia, lethargy, difficulty concentrating, negative thoughts and decreased social interaction. Higher levels of anxiety are experienced at the end of the summer season as those who suffer from this ailment start to anticipate the coming months of less sunshine and increased symptomatology.  continue reading »

How to Prepare For Seasonal Affective Disorder

Our moods change with the seasons, especially as we move from fall into winter. It may not appear such a dramatic shift, but our mental and physical states can be greatly affected by this transition.  Seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.) affects around 10 million Americans yearly, and many cases go unreported. continue reading »

7 Reasons to Seek Out Acupuncture


Do you often feel stressed and rushed, as if life is speeding along, and you can’t quite catch up? Do you  lie wide awake at night, hoping sleep will come?  Do you fail to take time to truly focus on, and care for yourself? Do you suffer aches and pains frequently? Do you use over-the-counter or prescription medications daily? Do you have trouble remembering the last time you felt genuinely at peace? If any of these questions resonated with you, then it may be time to look towards Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.) and acupuncture for relief.  For thousands of years, people in Asian countries have experienced the amazing benefits of acupuncture.  T.C.M. has also grown in prevalence and popularity in the U.S.  Here are some reasons why you may want to try it. continue reading »